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Published On: March 11, 2024


Appstellar Academy L.L.C respects and protects your privacy. This Privacy Policy statement is designed to help you understand what personal data we collect from our website, how we use it, and for what purpose. We are confident that when processing personal data, individual rights must be protected, which means that all personal data must be collected and processed legally and fairly.


  • The terms “Appstellar Academy”, “the Company”, “we”, “us”, and “our” in this statement refers to “Appstellar Academy” L.L.C with its office located in 282 Çajupi, H1, L1, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova.
  • The term “you” or “your” refers to the user or viewer of our website.
  • The term “statement” refers to this document.

What Information Appstellar Academy L.L.C Collects and How?

Appstellar Academy is committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that your personal data is protected. This section explains the additional personal information we collect, as well as the methods by which we collect it:

Account Creation

When you create an account on our website, we collect detailed personal information such as your full name, email address, country, city, current role, level of experience, employer, educational background including degree and university, as well as your targeted role. This data is essential to personalize your account, confirm your identity, and ensure that we can provide you with tailored access to our courses and services. Your information aids us in creating an experience that best suits your professional development goals.

Course Enrollment and Purchases

When purchasing courses or training programs on our website, we store information about which user purchased which course. This helps us manage course enrollments effectively and ensure users have access to the courses they have selected.

Payment Transactions

For payment transactions, Appstellar Academy is committed to ensuring the security and privacy of your financial information. While purchasing a course:

  • We do not store any credit card information on our platform.
  • We redirect users to secure payment services (e.g., Banka Kombëtare Tregtare, Paysera) to complete the payment process.
  • Once payment is completed, users are redirected back to our site.

This process ensures that your payment information is handled securely and in compliance with the highest standards of data protection.

Bank Information

If you opt for a wire transfer as your payment method for purchasing courses or training programs, we will provide you with the necessary information to facilitate this transaction via emial. This information includes:

  • Our bank account number
  • Bank name
  • Account holder's name associated with our account

Upon the completion of your wire transfer, please be aware that our visibility into the transaction is limited to the details that our banking institution makes available to us. This typically includes information such as:

  • The transaction's date and time
  • The description of the transaction as provided by you
  • The amount transferred
  • The reference number of the transaction
  • The name of the sender as recorded by the bank

Job Applications

When you submit a job application or send your CV to us, we collect personal details that you include in your application

Communication with Us

If you contact us directly via our website for support or information about our services, we collect the correspondence and any information contained therein.

Information Provided by You

We collect personal information from you in the situations outlined above, when you decide to share it with us.

The personal information we gather may include details you enter into emails sent to us, information provided through the chat or contact page on our website, as well as data you provide when creating an account and enrolling in courses.

Your email address is collected to correspond with you and to keep you informed about our services. We want to ensure you that your personal data is handled with the utmost respect for your privacy and is neither shared with external parties nor sold.

Cookies and Data Collection Tools

Our platform employs various technologies, including cookies, which are diminutive text files placed on your device by your web browser. These technologies are instrumental in capturing, storing, and distributing details about your interactions over different websites, our site included.

As visitors explore our website, we gather a range of information automatically. This encompasses the specifics of their visit, such as the date and time, the web pages they interact with, and the source website that directed them to ours. Additionally, we capture technical details including the browser type (for instance, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and operating system (like Apple MacOS or Microsoft Windows) they use, as well as their IP address.

This process of collecting data, known as web log information, is crucial for us. It enables us to gain insights into user behavior and website performance, which in turn informs our strategies for website optimization and enhancement.

To enrich this process, we've integrate tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Facebook Pixel into our data collection and analysis framework. Google Analytics allows us to understand overall traffic patterns and user engagement on our site. Hotjar provides more nuanced insights by offering a deeper understanding of the user experience. Facebook Pixel helps us in understanding how users interact with our website after clicking on our Facebook ads, enabling us to tailor our marketing strategies more effectively.

Together, these tools and the information we collect form the backbone of our approach to website management and improvement. They help us diagnose server issues, manage web content more effectively, and develop targeted, data-driven strategies to enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

By continuously monitoring and analyzing this data, we strive to offer a more seamless, engaging, and personalized experience for every visitor or user of our Website.

How do we keep personal data safe

Ensuring the safety and security of personal data is a cornerstone of our commitment to our users. We employ a multifaceted approach to safeguard sensitive information, incorporating advanced technological measures and robust organizational protocols to maintain the highest standards of data protection.

Technological Safeguards

  • Encryption: We use state-of-the-art encryption techniques to secure data transmission and storage. This means that any information sent to or from our servers is converted into a code that only authorized parties can decipher.
  • Secure Access Controls: Access to personal data is strictly limited to authorized personnel who require the information to perform their job functions. We employ rigorous authentication methods, and unique user IDs, to ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data.
  • Data Privacy Policies: We have comprehensive data privacy policies in place that govern the collection, use, and handling of personal information. These policies are designed to comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations.
  • Regular Audits and Compliance Checks: We conduct regular audits and compliance checks to ensure our data protection measures meet or exceed industry standards and legal requirements. These evaluations help us identify and rectify any vulnerabilities promptly.

Our organization employs a comprehensive array of security protocols designed to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information, safeguarding it against loss, theft, unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or destruction. No method of electronic transmission or storage is 100% secure, however. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security

We advise our clients to exercise due diligence by verifying the authenticity of any platform requesting financial or payment details in connection to our services or reservations. Such platforms should be directly operated by our organization or by third-party service providers that have received our explicit authorization. Should you encounter any requests that appear dubious or unverified, we urge you to abstain from providing your personal details and to report the incident in accordance with the guidelines established in our Privacy Policy.

It is imperative to recognize the critical role you play in the protection of your personal data. The security of your user account information, including passwords, rests in your hands; these credentials must be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third parties. In the event of unauthorized use or any other security breach concerning your personal information, we implore you to notify our team without delay.

How we delete your information

As a registered user, you have the ability to access and amend the personal information associated with your user account. We hold onto your personal data only for the period necessary to fulfill the objectives outlined in our Privacy Policy, to maintain your active user account, to deliver our services to you, or to comply with legal obligations, depending on which duration is longer.

Should you decide to deactivate your user account, please reach out to us at to submit an official request for deletion.

Children’s Privacy

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Law on Protection of the personal data and Article 8 of the GDPR, processing of personal data of a child shall be lawful where the child is at least sixteen (16) years old.

For children below the age of 16, processing shall only be lawful if and to the extent that consent is given or authorised by the holder of parental responsibility. We will make a reasonable effort to verify in such cases that consent is given or authorised by the holder of parental responsibility over the child, taking into consideration available technology.

Appstellar Academy will not knowingly collect personal data from users who are considered children under applicable national laws.

Links to the other sites

Websites that have links on our site, may also collect personally identifiable information directly from you. The information practices of companies collecting data on our site or Web sites linked to Appstellar Academy are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

We do not control the privacy policies of our advertisers, sponsors or other sites or businesses to which we provide hyperlinks or access. Please visit the sites of these businesses to review their privacy policies.

How we use your information

The information we collect about you or that you provide to us, including any personal information, is used in the following ways:

  • To present our Website and its contents to you.
  • To provide you with information, products, or Services that you request from us.
  • To fulfill the purposes for which you provide the information, such as to assess your job application, to process your enrollment in our courses, and to evaluate your eligibility based on the details you submit with your consent.
  • To process and complete any transactions, including the purchase of courses, and to send you related information, including purchase confirmations and invoices.
  • To manage your account(s) and provide you with customer support.
  • To notify you about changes to our Website, Services, or any products or services we offer or provide through it.
  • To allow you to participate in interactive features on our Website.
  • To enhance, improve, or modify our Website and Services.
  • To identify usage trends and develop new products and services.
  • To protect our Website and operations from potential fraudulent transactions, security threats, or other illegal activities.
  • To comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.
  • In any other way we may describe when you provide the information.
  • For any other purpose with your consent.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this policy from time to time, and if we do, we will post any changes on this page. Any update will have a different date from the current policy.

If you continue to use our services after those changes are in effect, you agree to the revised policy. Please check our site periodically for updates.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please feel free to contact us at