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CI/CD with GitHub Actions

Master the power of GitHub Actions to automate your software development lifecycle, streamline CI/CD pipelines, and deliver code faster and more reliably.



In this course, you'll master GitHub Actions for implementing continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) in your software projects. We'll cover the core concepts of CI/CD and how GitHub Actions automates key development workflow stages.

After an introduction to CI/CD principles and automation benefits, you'll dive into GitHub Actions. You'll learn to create workflows, define jobs and steps, and use various actions from the GitHub Marketplace.

Through hands-on labs, you'll build CI/CD pipelines for tasks like code linting, unit testing, code coverage analysis, and deployment to different environments. By the course's end, you'll automate your development workflow, enhance software quality, and accelerate your software delivery process.

Who is this course for?

Software developers

DevOps engineers

QA testers

Anyone looking to automate their software development workflow

What you'll learn:

CI/CD principles and best practices

Introduction to GitHub Actions

Creating GitHub Actions workflows

Using built-in and community-maintained actions

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