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Infrastructure as Code with Terraform (AWS) - Deep Dive

Deep dive into Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, a leading Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool. You'll dive deeper into Terraform, advanced configurations, and best practices for building and deploying secure and scalable cloud infrastructure in AWS.



The course delves into the core concepts of IaC and explains how it enables infrastructure

management by treating infrastructure configurations as code. We'll explore practical applications of Terraform with popular cloud providers like AWS. You'll learn how to provision and manage virtual machines, storage, networking components, and other essential cloud resources using Terraform configurations.

As you progress through the course, you'll delve into advanced IaC techniques to streamline your workflow. This includes mastering state management, a crucial aspect of maintaining consistency across infrastructure deployments. You'll also explore Terraform modules, reusable building blocks that promote code modularity and enhance maintainability.

This course includes in-depth, hands-on labs using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We've created detailed labs for more advanced scenarios. We’ll use simulations that mirror the real-world projects we encounter daily while collaborating with our clients, and we use a 100% hands-on lab-based approach.

All labs use AWS as the main provider, but we use other providers throughout the course as well. The focus of this course is on learning Terraform, although you'll learn how to provision many AWS services as well.

Who is this course for?

Cloud Engineers

DevOps Professionals

System Administrators

Application Developers

Anyone interested in automating infrastructure provisioning and management

What you'll learn:

Understand the fundamental concepts of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and its benefits.

Learn to install, use, and manage HashiCorp Terraform from the ground up

Learn how to use Terraform CLI to automate your cloud infrastructure and resources.

Explore advanced Terraform features, including state management and module usage, for enhanced modularity and maintainability.

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