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Observability with Prometheus and Grafana

Gain the skills to effectively monitor and visualize the health and performance of your Kubernetes clusters and applications using Prometheus and Grafana.



This course provides a comprehensive introduction to observability with Prometheus and Grafana, tailored for Kubernetes environments. You'll explore core observability concepts, learn to collect metrics from Kubernetes deployments using Prometheus, and create actionable dashboards with Grafana.

Through hands-on labs, you'll set up Prometheus within a Kubernetes cluster, configure Kubernetes-specific exporters, and craft PromQL queries for data analysis. Additionally, you'll leverage Grafana's visualization features to create real-time dashboards for monitoring Kubernetes workloads and infrastructure.

Who is this course for?

System administrators

DevOps engineers

Cloud engineers

Software developers

Anyone interested in gaining practical skills in monitoring and troubleshooting applications and infrastructure

What you'll learn:

Core principles of observability

Deploying and configuring Prometheus within a Kubernetes cluster

Utilizing Kubernetes-specific exporters for metric collection

Crafting PromQL queries to analyze Kubernetes metrics

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