Introducing Appstellar Academy: Hands-On Learning for Cloud and DevOps Success

March 12, 2024


We're excited to announce that we're launching Appstellar Academy.

Appstellar Academy aims to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application, empowering you with practical skills through hands-on approach and tools essential for success in your chosen field. 

Our founding was driven by a clear vision: to make a meaningful impact and support the growth of the regional Cloud and DevOps community. We noticed a significant need for more advanced training opportunities in our area, and we set out to meet this need. Our mission is simple but powerful: to equip you with the skills necessary for success. We're passionate about sharing our accumulated knowledge, helping you overcome real-world challenges, and supporting your growth in the tech field, both personally and professionally.

Brought to you by Appstellar

Appstellar Academy is provided by Appstellar, an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. This distinction allows us to leverage the expertise of Appstellar’s Certified Engineers. As a result, our students benefit from top-quality training delivered by industry experts, ensuring they receive the best education possible.

The idea of launching a Cloud and DevOps academy came to life when we realised that, despite DevOps skills being in high demand, traditional software development training programs often overlook this crucial area. Therefore, DevOps engineers can be hard to find and recruit.

Although Appstellar has been providing short-term DevOps training in partnership with Innovation Centre of Kosovo, we recognized a deeper need for more comprehensive, long-term programs. These programs are designed to offer engineers from diverse backgrounds a chance to refine and expand their DevOps skills, addressing the industry's demand for well-rounded engineers.

AWS PartnerKubernetes Certified Service Provider

What Sets Appstellar Academy Apart?

We pride ourselves on bringing valuable industry experience to the table. Our focus is on ensuring that our students not only learn but also apply their skills in real-world scenarios. This practical approach is fundamental to our training programs.

To complement the hands-on experience in our training programs, we offer the following benefits enabling students to practice and refine their skills in a realistic setting:

  • Free access to GitHub Enterprise

    : Leverage our membership in the GitHub Campus Program. This grants you free access to GitHub Enterprise, a supercharged version of GitHub used by professional developers. Get hands-on experience with the same tools that build cutting-edge software!
  • Access to lab environments

    : Our labs are stocked with Kubernetes clusters, AWS accounts, and Linux servers. This gives you a realistic development playground to experiment, troubleshoot, and hone your skills before you enter the workforce.
  • Get personalized guidance

    : We offer 1:1 consultations outside training hours. So, if you get stuck or have specific questions, our trainers are here to provide tailored support and help you excel.

Our courses are selected to align with our core values and transformative journeys. Each course is chosen for its relevance, ensuring our programs adapt to the evolving tech industry.

Our Offerings

We offer a range of specialized training opportunities tailored to those eager to delve deeper into specific technologies. For individuals focused on mastering particular tools, we organize training sessions across foundational and advanced levels in Linux, Docker, Python, AWS, Azure, Git, GitHub, GitLab, DevOps and GitOps, HashiCorp Terraform, HashiCorp Vault, Kubernetes etc.

Completing these trainings earns you a digital and verifiable Certificate of Completion, acknowledging your newly acquired skills. You can learn more about available courses here.

For those aspiring to more advanced roles within the tech industry, we have curated comprehensive Training Programs aimed at specific career paths, including DevOps Engineer, Kubernetes Administrator, Kubernetes Developer, and Site Reliability Engineer. These programs are structured across Associate and Professional levels, offering a deeper dive into the roles' complexities.

Success in our rigorous exams not only validates your expertise but also awards you a verifiable digital certificate and a badge, officially recognizing you as a skilled professional in your chosen domain.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Developments

We're working very hard to rollout new courses and training programs. Keep an eye on our updates, as we promise to bring you the latest in Cloud, DevOps, and much more.

Join our community and be the first to know about our new and exciting learning opportunities.

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